Frequently Asked Questions

About Scrub Club Cleaning Service

Why should I choose Scrub Club Cleaning Service?

Since its founding, Scrub Club Cleaning Service has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way and clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.We have a passion for making your life better and know your appreciation when we are done will answer that question for you. We won't come in, wipe some stuff down, and hope it's good enough and you can confirm that with our reviews. We clean your home as if it's our own because we absolutely love what we do.

How did Scrub Club Cleaning Service get started?

Scrub Club started as a summer vacation rental cleaning service in 2014. For three years we cleaned for the same clients every summer and didn't have plans to expand but, our clients appreciated our cleaning so much some of them encouraged us to take ourselves more seriously. That's how this woman-led, family owned business in the Traverse City, Michigan area got started. We became an official legal business starting in March of 2018 and it was quite the process! Marketing, promotion, insurance, consistent estimates, proper cleaning supplies for high-frequency cleaning, and figuring out how to navigate the business side took a little while. Fortunately, Traverse City is a vacationing hot spot and we didn't have to do much to get our name out there! We've met some amazing people along the way and are so thankful for how everything has gone so far.

Are you insured? What happens if something is damaged?

Yes we are fully insured so if something gets broken, damaged, or goes missing in your home you're covered. So far nothing like that has happened, but to be safe please put away, or let us know of, anything that is irreplaceable or valuable. Dusting can be dangerous! If something does get damaged we will turn in a claim to our insurance company to cover the costs.

How do you vet your employees?

Scrub Club does a thorough investigation of everyone we hire. When someone is interested in working with us we will hold a brief over the phone interview to get a feel for whether or not they have the experience, attitude, and professionalism we expect from our working family. Next, we will call prior and/or current employers, check their professional references, and browse their online social presence to see if their personality on the phone matches what we find through those channels. If everything is good there we will continue with an in person interview and background check to ensure you have only top notch people representing the morals and values Scrub Club holds. When you put your trust in us to clean for you we want you to be comfortable in knowing that you have respectable and honest people in your home.

Rates & Discounts

How do you set your rates for residential cleaning?

For most clients we charge per hour for the initial clean. If you decide to go with recurring services, we will give you a flat rate fee for the remainder of the time you are a client. When you fill out an estimate request or call us we fill out our custom calculator to find out how long it should take us to clean your home based on the perameters you give us. With that information we can discuss if we're good fit for each other and schedule an onsite free estimate. Check out more on residential cleaning here.

How do you set your rates for a new build/post construction cleaning?

The cost for a construction clean-up is based on square footage and amount of debris that is left over. For more information on construction cleans call us or click here.

How do you set your rates for vacation rental cleaning?

Rates for vacation rentals are determined after careful consideration of several variables. We know how important it is for our vacation rental clients to get "Super Host" reviews. The time between turnovers, laundry needs, responsibilities for outdoor spaces as well as current and anticipated demand for turnovers in general for that day (for example Saturday can cost more because the demand is so high) are topics we discuss. Check out more on vacation rental cleaning here.

How do you set your rates for commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleans start at a base rate and either go by the hour or by the square footage. To learn more call us or click here.

What discounts do you offer?

We have a page dedicated to this question! Check it out here.

What to Expect

Do I need to provide cleaning equipment and supplies?

Absolutely not! The only time we will use your products is when you ask us to. If you like something special used, have sensitive surfaces in the home, or allergies to anything we could potentially bring in please let us know so we can accomodate.

What if I'm not happy with the services you have provided me?

In the rare event our cleaners did not provide you with outstanding service we ask that you contact us immediately. Communication is very important and we never want you to feel like you can't talk to us. If something is wrong, we want to know so we can fix it! You and your happiness are our top priority and we take great pride in our standards for cleanliness and customer service. We will always do everything we can to make sure the situation is dealt with efficiently and promptly. We do want to remind our clients that we can only clean as well as you let us. Extreme clutter does inhibit our ability to get the job done in the allotted time, however, we do our best to tidy up any unorganized areas.

What is included in a cleaning appointment?

There is a comprehensive checklist of everything included in the clean. You can find details on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and custom residential cleans by clicking here. To find information on our commercial cleaning, click here. If having your vacation rental cleaned is why you're here you can click here. Please ask us if there's something you need that isn't listed. We are flexible!

Am I supposed to tip my cleaner?

We do not expect or require tips so that is up to you. If you do decide to tip, please keep it separate from the appointment payment and make it clear to the cleaner it's for them.

Should I tidy up before my scheduled appointment?

We've experienced an array of households and the answer to this lies within you. It's beneficial to both parties if the clutter is out of the way so we can focus on cleaning instead of organizing belongings, however, we're happy to help. If all you have is a few minutes to wrangle everything together, we suggest clearing the floors and counters of belongings.

Do I have to be home while you clean? Are my pets allowed to be there?

We do not require our clients to be home when we clean, but some of them prefer to be. As far as pets, we love them! They do not need to be out of the house.

What are my options for letting you in if I'm not home?

If we will be cleaning for you while you're not home you can leave the door unlocked, use a hide-a-key, incorporate a door code, or provide us with a key. In the event you provide us a key we will keep it safe and secure in a locked safe when not in use.


What happens when there is inclement weather?

We will never cancel an appointment unless there is an advisory not to travel and if that happens we will call to reschedule for the next available day. To ensure we can reach your residence please clear your driveway and walkway of as much snow and ice as possible. If we cannot get through to your house due to the status of your driveway we will reschedule and you will be charged.

What happens if my cleaning day falls on a holiday?

The holidays we are closed for are: New Years Eve & Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday Christmas Eve & Day In the case your cleaning day falls on one of those we will contact you prior to reschedule. If you require cleaning on these days our cleaning fee is double.

Will I be charged if I have to cancel my appointment?

Did you cancel it the same day (non-emergency) or our cleaners came and you weren't there or they couldn't get in? Yes, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. Did you cancel with 24 - 48 hours (non-emergency) notice? Yes there is a charge of $50 or 50% of your appointment, whichever is more. In the situation of emergencies, we will not charge, you have enough to deal with. If it happens more than twice we will need to reevaluate.

Do I get preference on my scheduled day and time?

For the most part, yes. We will need to work around already scheduled appointments, but there should always be options for you to choose from.