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Get a FREE Estimate!

This online estimate form is for us to get a general idea of the cleaning services you require. We will contact you shortly to confirm details and set up an in-home visit.

If you'd prefer to talk to us in person please give us a call at  231-486-5427.


Take 30 seconds telling us about yourself and your home. The more info the better. :-)


We need your # and email to send you your estimate. Add as much detail as possible for the most accurate estimate.


You'll receive a text and email with your estimate, you can make changes or accept right from the link in the message.

If we need more information we will call at the number you've provided.

Estimate process overview...

1: Establish Scope of Work
Pertinent information is given in the estimate request form above, but we will still need to talk and make sure we have all the details to appropriately meet your needs. If necessary, we will set up an on-site estimate.

2: Review Estimate
After getting all the details we will send you a cleaning estimate via text and email. Make sure to check the email version for additional attachments that detail the Agreements & Policies you agree to when electronically signing the estimate. You can send requests for change via the Client Hub when you click the link to access the estimate. 

Step 3: Approve or Decline the Estimate
By approving the estimate you agree to all Agreements & Policies and are accepting the estimate range. If we think we will go over the estimate we will call you and confirm we can increase the price and continue. This rarely happens in the average case. Once you have approved the estimate, we will make sure we have all the personal details such as how we'll get in, payment details, and schedule your appointment.

If you've decided to go with a different company or not get a cleaning at all, please let us know why! We want to provide the best service possible and if we could do something better, we want to hear it! To decline the estimate, send in a change request and leave a note that you are declining and why. We really appreciate the feedback.

Call 231-486-5427 or email if you have questions not answered in our FAQs.

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