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Contracting with Scrub Club

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Scrub Club!
You're likely a skilled and experienced cleaning contractor looking for new opportunities to grow your business and work with a reputable company.

We're so glad you found us because we are currently seeking reliable and experienced cleaning contractors to join our team and provide exceptional cleaning services to our clients. As a contractor with our business, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and gain valuable experience in the cleaning industry. 


To be considered as an ideal contractor for Scrub Club, you should meet the following qualifications:

  1. Your business is registered with the state of Michigan as either an LLC or DBA.

  2. You have liability insurance and can provide proof promptly, as well as provide proof of coverage at expiration.

  3. You should exhibit reliability and punctuality, as clients depend on their cleaner to show up on time and consistently perform their clean.

  4. Good communication skills are essential, as cleaners need to effectively communicate with Scrub Club staff and clients. This includes reporting issues, asking for clarification, and responding to feedback requests.

  5. Depending on your contract terms, being flexible and adaptable when it comes to scheduling is appreciated. We allocate cleaning appointments based on available slots, client preference, cleaner availability, and performance metrics. Sometimes cancellations happen and to fulfill any obligations to you, a new appointment may be put in its place.

  6. A working knowledge of cleaning products, tools, and surfaces, especially for delicate or special surface types. 

As a contractor with our business, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1-yr 2-yr and 3-yr Service Contracts with options to renew

  • "As Available" Contracts

  • Choice of, and access to, a variety of clients and job opportunities like residential, moving, new tenant, post-construction, STR, commercial, etc.

  • Tiered compensation up to 70% of revenue based on contract term.

  • Year round consistent work.

  • Ongoing support and communication with our team as needed.

  • Tax support like when and how to pay quarterly taxes, and recommendations on accountants to file your annual taxes.

To set up a time to talk about the specifics of taking a contract with Scrub Club, please click the link below and submit your information. 
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