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How to Efficiently Clean a Bathroom

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

to keep your bathrooms fresh and presentable all the time you need to regularly clean them. Here are a few tips for you to clean your bathroom easily and quickly that will make your life easier.

It is important to keep every room of your house clean, still many of us procrastinate when it’s time to clean the bathroom. It is always difficult to clean the bathrooms when compared to other rooms because of the grime, dirt, hair, and scum that has gathered as well as buildup on the walls and in the drains. We have good news for you though, when cleaning is done in a step-by-step manner, we promise you'll be able to clean your bathroom in minimal time!

Step # 1: Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

It is necessary before you start cleaning your bathroom to gather all the cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment either inside the bathroom or just outside the door. It will save you the time and effort of running through the house every time you need something. It is also helpful to remove all belongings off the sink, out of the shower, and from beside the toilet (like the toilet brush, plunger, and garbage can).

Step # 2: Clean the Ceiling and Walls of the Shower

No matter what room you're cleaning, it's always best to start from top to bottom of your bathroom so anything that drops from the top doesn't dirty something you already cleaned on the bottom. The ceiling and the corners of where it meets the wall tend to gather extra dust and cobwebs even in bathrooms. Clean them with the help of a cloth attached to a broomstick or use the long handheld extension on your vacuum with the upholstery tool attached. The upholstery tool allows you to gently brush the walls to get any stuck on particles. For the walls spray your favorite paint safe cleaning solution on them and then scrub them with a sponge or cloth to wipe away all the dirt spots.

Step # 3: Wash the Mirror, Window Ledges, and Hanging Decor

Before cleaning any of these items give them a quick dusting in order to reduce the chance for wet dust. This makes it easier to reuse the cloth in other areas of the bathroom. The best way to ensure a clean and streak free mirror, or any glass surface, is to first wash it with hot soapy water and a micro-fiber cloth to remove any stubborn spots. Once all the soap is removed spray a 50/50 mixture of white/cleaning vinegar and water on the mirror and dry it with a fresh dry cloth.

Step # 4: Scrub Your Sink and Counter

Once the top portion of your bathroom is done you need to move forward to the portion in the middle. Here you need to start off with taking all your belongings off the counter if you haven't already. Pour baking soda on the drain in a pile and then pour vinegar on top to clean the pipes from the inside. Use your favorite disinfectants and cleaning products with a sponge on the inner and outer bowl of the sink to clean the sink completely. If you have hard water stains use the baking soda and a sponge to scrub them away. Lastly, wipe the tap, sink and the drain with a clean cloth to give them a perfect shine.

Step # 5: Sweep the Floor

It's always best to sweep the floor before you start cleaning the toilet and shower/tub because mixing water with dirt and dust is harder to clean up. You want as much debris off the floor as possible. Sweeping the hair and dust off the bottom portion and behind the toilet helps you not streak it all over the floor when you go to mop later.

Step # 6: Wash Your Toilet

For this step we suggest you put on some gloves and a mask the covers your mouth. Use toilet bowl cleaner inside the bowl and use your toilet brush to scrub the rim and inside of the toilet to remove the buildup and splatters. You can use a disinfectant wipe to clean the outside or if you prefer a cleaner and towel that will work too. Be sure to get around the base of the toilet as well as behind.

Step # 7: Scrub Your Tub

If you have lime deposits on your shower head remove it (or let it hang if you have one with a flex hose) and let it soak in lime remover. Use a bristle scrub brush to get the particles out of the water spray holes. While that is soaking use a bathtub cleaner of your choice and spray from the top on the shower to the bottom. For hard water stains use a remover that works best for you, or use baking soda. Scrub the surfaces you sprayed with a sponge and spray them down with hot water. To ensure the surfaces are all clean by rubbing your bare hand on them. If you feel grime still, redo those areas and spray again with hot water.

Step # 8: Mop the Floor

Once every item of the bathroom has been cleaned individually, you now need to clean the floor either with a wet mop or with a wiper. Use any cleaner you see fit.

While everything is drying, use this opportunity to clean out your waste basket and wipe down any personal items you removed earlier. Put them all away when all surfaces in the bathroom are no longer wet!

Your hard work will result in a bathroom that is clean and ready to use without fear of germs! For an extra touch, drip some of you favorite essential oil inside the toilet roll for light fragrance to enhance the freshness and don't forget to replace the towels too.

If you have any questions or think that you need some professional help in cleaning your bathroom please contact the best cleaning service in Traverse City, Scrub Club Cleaning Service. for a free estimate check out our estimate form, or call (231) 486-5427.

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Dec 10, 2020

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